Oakham Country Day School
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971 Old Turnpike Road
Oakham, MA  01068
Lindsey Wnek
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Our Philosophy
​It is the philosophy of Oakham Country Day School to treat each child as a unique individual.  The school believes that quality pre-school and day care offered in an environment of stimulation is the key to ensuring the future success of children.  To this end the school has established as its primary goal "The provision of quality pre-school and day care in an educationally stimulating environment, designed to meet the individual needs of each child and his/her parent(s)."
Our Objectives
* To provide creative play experiences
* To encourage social interaction
* To promote independence
* To develop gross motor skills
* To develop fine motor skills
* To develop an awareness of basic nutrition education
* To meet the needs of working parents with regard to child care
* To provide a safe, healthy, caring environment for children
* To meet the daily health and emotional needs of each child
* To involve parents in a positive growing relationship with their child